MSIM/nh: press & kudos


Make Sure It’s Me director Leslie Pasternack, cast members C.R. Marchi and Angela Molihan, and other members of the MSIM/nh team had the chance to discuss the issues and artistry behind the project with various media outlets.

To hear Leslie talk with Peter Biello about MSIM at the VA, click here.

To hear Leslie and C.R. talking with NHPR’s Virginia Prescott on “Word of Mouth”, click here.

To hear playwright Kate Wenner’s 2012 interview on NPR, click here.

 To read Kate Wenner’s NYTimes article, “War is Brain Damaging” on TBI and PTSD, click here.


Make Sure It’s Me” is an engaging, powerful and moving experience.” Portsmouth Herald

“I attended last Saturday’s performance and was overwhelmed by the power, passion and content of this play . . . extremely well written . . . with superb cast members.  This play has captured so much of what we are learning and experiencing here in New Hampshire.  It is not just about TBI – it is about military culture – and can serve as an important teaching tool for all of us as we do our best to serve NH’s military community.  We will be benefiting from MSIM for a long time after the performances are over. ” Jo Moncher, NH DHHS Bureau Chief of Community Based Military Programs

“Amazingly thoughtful and moving look at the challenges of servicemen and women and their families when they come back from war with TBI or PTSD.” Terie Norelli, NH State Representative and Speaker of the House

“The play is over the top good.  This performance has more potential to open up the discussion of TBI than any other venue I have seen thus far.” Ron Snow, Brain Injury Association of NH, NH Commission of PTSD/TBI, and the NH Military-Civilian TBI Collaborative

“Amazing experience. Amazing cast. Amazing direction. Amazing choice.” Sheila Dubow

“[W]hat a home run the performance is . . . truly brilliant.” Dan Bricker, Veteran Outreach Manchester VA

“[I]t has definitely hit the mark in terms of everyone’s goal to promote awareness of TBIs.” Susan Burns, Manchester VA

“The actors’ portrayals were all “dead-on” whether they were playing soldiers, family members or caregivers.  I thought it was such an emotionally accurate depiction of life after brain injury.” Carol Davis, Lakeview Neuro Rehab

“A call to action on behalf of our young men and women and their families who sacrifice so much to serve our country. Bravo to each and everyone of you for bringing this hidden truth to light.” Patti Delaney Gelinas

“It brought tears to my eyes. And at the same time left me with a happy heart. With many family members and clients of mine in the service or retired from it . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing awareness and a perfect forum for communication for those that need it. This life we are allowed to live because of the brave is taken for granted daily. Thank you for the reminder that freedom isn’t free to our soldiers and their families. As always you do amazing work that takes your audience to a very special place in their heart.” Kyhle Copp

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