Lemon Punch Theatre Lab

LEMON PUNCH THEATRE LAB, owned by Leslie Pasternack, provides spaces on line and in person for study and theatre making. Previously located at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury, MA, the Lab has moved to Durham, NH. Scroll down or visit lemonpunchtheatrelab.com to learn more!

Mikayla Bishop in THE REVOLUTIONISTS, dir. Leslie Pasternack. Photo: Tim Gurczak

TEACHING: Leslie Pasternack brings over twenty years of experience in the rehearsal room, on stage, and in the classroom to her teaching. Visit lemonpunchtheatrelab.com to learn about current workshops and classes. And contact Leslie with your questions or requests for future classes!

PRIVATE COACHING: Leslie provides private acting lessons, movement coaching, and production consultations. If you want to brush up your audition material, dig more deeply into your physical work, or get advice on a tricky bit of staging, Leslie can help. 

Leslie can also craft a PRIVATE WORKSHOP for you and your work colleagues. She is a member of PowerPlay Interactive Development, an applied theatre company. Applied theatre uses improvisational techniques to address common obstacles to effective and comfortable communication. Whether you want to address issues like workplace bias or active listening, or just have fun with improv, Leslie can tailor a class just for you.

NEW PLAY DRAMATURGY: Leslie has extensive experience reading scripts and providing constructive criticism on the structure, character development, and overall “stage-ability” of a play. She combines her director’s and actor’s perspectives to ask, how can this character/plot device/staging aspect accomplish more for the playwright? How can they fine-tune the technical aspects of the work without losing their unique voice? In addition to her work with college theatre students and local professional playwrights, Leslie has been mentoring an incarcerated playwright, Keith Sanders, since 2011. With Leslie’s help, Keith has won production in two play competitions and now has a stunning full-length play ready for submission. If you want supportive, thoughtful feedback on your play, and suggestions to increase its attractiveness to potential directors, contact Leslie for a consult.

“More theatre, less drama!