NOTE: This gallery was created in 2011-12 and is retained for archival amusement. I’ve had to cut it down for space. More current photos accompany my blog posts here or on specific pages related to Clean Room and Make Sure It’s Me. Also find current work at my studio website:

Photos are chronologically arranged, from the beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

The first three photos are from Waiting for the Parade, by John Murrell, directed by John Bush Jones at Brandeis University in 1990.

Notable because 1) I am rocking a wig, and 2) there’s a budding celebrity among the cast. Can you find her? Oh, and, yes, of course I still look this good.

Leslie as Brighina in Clean Room, 2008-present (writer/performer/mask-maker)

Leslie as Stupino in Clean Room, 2008-present (writer/performer/mask-maker)


Steve Faria & Joe Berardi, The Goat, 2011 (direction)


Don Goettler & G. Matthew Gaskell in Michael Kimball’s Best Enemies, 2011 (direction)


Robert Macadaeg as John in the Field in Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy, 2012 (direction)

Leslie Trentalange as Constance in the Home in Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy, 2012 (direction)

Chris Leon as Michael, Legal Advisor in Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy, 2012 (direction)

Joe Berardi as The Witness in Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy, 2012 (direction)

To see photos of my 2013 magnum opus Make Sure It’s Me, click here.


I have almost no photos of myself without a mask.

But, to reassure you all that I still have a face: