theatre in the time of coronavirus

Hello, everyone. Like the rest of the world, I have been following the news of the pandemic with an eye towards understanding responsible courses of action. It is now clear that it would not be safe to resume face-to-face classes at Lemon Punch Theatre Lab any time soon. Please stay tuned for the all-clear signal to re-join me in the Lab!
In the meantime, I have been inspired and moved by the many performing artists who are finding ways to stay connected and creative online. So, I plan to roll out some free online activities that people can try with me while we wait out this period of separation. To begin, I am borrowing an idea from the Dramatists Guild:
Call for Submissions to the LEMON LIVE MICRO-PLAY FESTIVAL!
To connect, to share, to vent, to mourn, to laugh, please write a 2-character play of no more than 150 words. The theme should be anything related to this coronavirus moment. In keeping with the Dramatists’ Guild guidelines, please write lines that could be read by people of any age, gender, background or circumstance, without rehearsal.
The deadline is Monday, March 23 at 5 pm!
One play per writer, please.
The LEMON LIVE MICRO-PLAY FESTIVAL will be held Tuesday, March 31st at 7 pm, online platform TBA. ***In-studio, truly LIVE performance to be scheduled as soon as safely possible!
Send your submissions in .doc or .pdf format to Leslie, with the subject heading “LEMON LIVE” followed by your last name.
Please include your full name and preferred contact information in the body of your message.
I look forward to writing and reading with you!
Be well and stay tuned for more virtual theatre from LPTL!

busy busy busy!

We’re shaking’ booties at the Lemon Punch Theatre Lab studio!

I feel neglectful of this blog because I’ve been so busy developing, promoting, and teaching classes at my new studio! Please know that all is well, and if you’d like to see what’s happening over there–and even join my newsletter’s mailing list–you can visit my studio’s website HERE!

Open Studios at Lemon Punch!

For several years, I’ve been aware of “open studios” at various mill buildings in the NH Seacoast area, when artists open their doors and display their work for holiday shoppers and the curious community. Now that I rent studio space at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury, MA, I get to be part of a huge, lively Open Studio Tour tradition! So, over Veterans’ Day weekend, I had the studio open, the masks on display, and the cookies freshly baked for whatever visitors came my way. It was so busy! I barely stopped talking all day, between introducing, explaining, demonstrating my masks, handing out class flyers, and enjoying the company of friends who came by . . . plus my lone wolf brother, who dropped in unexpectedly and made my day (see him below on the right, chatting with James Grillo about classical piano).

Some of my favorite interactions included the tiny girl who announced that she did NOT need acting lessons because she already acts out all the parts at home, even if no one sees her except her mom. You go, girl!

The smirking guy peering into each corner turned out to be a previous tenant of my very studio, whose art medium of choice went unstated, who said he got “booted” for having a full-size pool table that made too much noise. Pesky pool tables, they get up to no good when your eyes are turned. What could I say, other than, “Sorry for your loss, but I’m thrilled to be here! Have a cookie!”

While I had a good number of folks sign up on my mailing list and express interest in classes, by far the most common reaction to my lack of purchasable goods was a suspicious look, a grab for the cookie platter, and then, upon leaving, the startled comment: “I love your refrigerator! Where did you get it?” $199 at Home Depot, people.

It was a great weekend, and I only wish I’d had more time to visit with my talented neighbors in the building. Thanks to everyone who visited. See you in the Lab!

Acting from the Ground Up!

Here’s my first few pictures of class at Lemon Punch Theatre Lab! I’ve been doing private coaching, script consultation, and workshops there since July, but finally got my friend, theatre artist and photographer Deb Barry, to come into my acting class and take some snaps. With me here are the marvelous, open-hearted actors James Grillo, Michelle Mombrinie, Brad Ritchie, and Rowan Dunning. It’s been hilarious and moving to work with them on both physical theatre techniques and scene work. Our last class together is this week. Can’t wait for more!

Every warmup must include a booty shake!
It’s always fun to talk script analysis and juicy verbs with James!
With Rowan, exploring the 4th wall in RABBIT HOLE.
With James and Brad as Lee and Austin in TRUE WEST. Yes, I get intense, especially when we work on Sam Shepard!

Lemon Punch Theatre Lab is LIVE!!!

I am absolutely delighted to announce the opening of my new teaching and theatre making endeavor, Lemon Punch Theatre Lab LLC! Located at the artists’ mill building at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury, MA, the Lab features lots of light and space and . . . its own rest room! Woo hoo for Studio 207A! I also have a marvelous landlord and many great artist neighbors there. Stay tuned for more Lemon Punch Theatre Lab news. For now, visit my new website to learn all about my class and workshop offerings for Fall 2019! And enjoy a couple pictures of the space, complete with special guest to demonstrate the scale of it!