light in the darkness

Best wishes to all in 2015.  Since we closed the Dorothy Vaughan show in November, my theatre activities have been on the back burner, where they are percolating nicely. Unfortunately, the bulk of my family’s energy right now is being spent caring for my mother, who has a serious illness and requires a lot of help.  So this is a time of privacy and introspection, but there remain moments of joy.  May you, too, find light in the darkness of this season.


loves past and present

July 1 is a happy-sad day in my family. Time to honor the past and celebrate the now. With dogs.











So, happy July. ACT ONE’s Festival starts in August, and I’m already in rehearsal mode for my production of Caryl Churchill’s A NUMBER. So stay tuned for news of big doings from ACT ONE. . . 😉