Dorothy Vaughan hits NHPR!

Saving Portsmouth writer/director Kent Stephens and I were guests of Virginia Prescott on today’s “Word of Mouth” on NHPR. Scroll down to hear the segment here.

Tickets for all remaining performances are sold out!  But stay tuned, we may bring it back in a few months…!


SAVING PORTSMOUTH had a great opening weekend!

Our first weekend of SAVING PORTSMOUTH: The Preservation Crusades of Miss Dorothy Vaughan was extremely well attended and received! Here’s a link to a feature about the show. . . and here’s the candid photo I had no idea they were using for it, which they snapped during rehearsal:











And here is another production photo:


SAVING PORTSMOUTH opens tomorrow!

Here’s Dorothy (Leslie Pasternack), Jeremy Waldron (Christopher Savage) and Jim Smith (James Sears) planning the “colonial village” that would become Strawbery Banke Museum. Get your tix at strawberybanke,org: only six performances beginning tomorrow night!