final weekend of MSIM approaches!

ACT ONE’s final weekend of performances of Kate Wenner’s Make Sure It’s Me approaches! There are just a few tickets left for June 21 at 8, June 22 at 8, and June 23 at 2 and 7:30. Call (603) 300-2986 to reserve your seat. Here’s what audiences have been saying:

“Amazing experience. Amazing cast. Amazing direction. Amazing choice.”

“I really loved the play.  The actors’ portrayals were all “dead-on” whether they were playing soldiers, family members or caregivers.  I thought it was such an emotionally accurate depiction of life after brain injury.”

“What a home run the performance it is . . . truly brilliant.”

“I was overwhelmed by the power, passion and content of this play……extremely well written…….with superb cast members. This play has captured so much of what we are learning and experiencing here in New Hampshire. We will be benefiting from MSIM for a long time after the performances are over. ”

Come to the West End Studio Theatre during our closing weekend to see what all the fuss is about! And thanks again to all our supporters throughout this long journey.