CLEAN ROOM moves to Mass!

Hello, friends! I hope you are keeping cozy as the cool weather sets in. Thanks again for all your support during my recent run of CLEAN ROOM at WEST in Portsmouth. Now I am preparing to bring the show a little bit south, to the Emerson Umbrella for the Arts in Concord, MA.

The Emerson Umbrella presents a wide variety of programming in the performing and visual arts. For theatre, they boast a lovely old-fashioned proscenium space where their performing arts director (a former student of mine, Brian Boruta) uses both traditional and on-stage seating configurations to mount everything from huge musicals to domestic dramas. But Brian decided he needed an additional venue to present quirky, edgy work that would benefit from a non-traditional, deeply intimate setting. So he rehabbed part of the basement of the Umbrella building into a venue he calls “Downstage.” It is perfect territory for the edgy–yet lovable–tales of Stupino and Brighina, so he’s asked them to help inaugurate this new venture.

So! If you missed CLEAN ROOM in Portsmouth and would like to see it . . .

Or if you’ve seen CLEAN ROOM but know someone who just MUST see it . . .

. . . Brighina and Stupino and I invite you to join us Downstage at the Emerson Umbrella on November 16th at 8 pm! Tickets are $15 and you can reserve yours by calling 978-371-0820 or visiting Seating is extremely limited, so do reserve your ticket if you plan to attend!

I will also be teaching a Clown workshop for teens on Saturday, November 16th from 2-5; call or visit the website to register your teen for this playful afternoon. See you in Massachusetts!