TRAGEDY gains nifty sponsor!

I’m delighted to say that I’m in rehearsal for both Will Eno’s Tragedy: a tragedy and my own solo show, Clean Room, right now–and Tragedy lucked into a nifty sponsorship from The Atticus Group, LLC! This opportunity grew out of my new acquaintance with Robert and Michele Macadaeg, two brilliant theatre artists who are also devotees of Will Eno’s work. Robert will be gracing the stage at WEST as part of the Tragedy cast and Michele will be designing costumes–all made possible by the support of The Atticus Group, where Robert is Director of Creative Services. Thanks to both Macadaegs and to Atticus founding partner Larry Yost for sponsoring what’s sure to be the funniest, loveliest “tragedy” of the season!

For more information on both Tragedy and Clean Room, visit And call (603) 300-2986 for reservations (which are highly recommended, as WEST fills fast!).