light in the darkness

Best wishes to all in 2015.  Since we closed the Dorothy Vaughan show in November, my theatre activities have been on the back burner, where they are percolating nicely. Unfortunately, the bulk of my family’s energy right now is being spent caring for my mother, who has a serious illness and requires a lot of help.  So this is a time of privacy and introspection, but there remain moments of joy.  May you, too, find light in the darkness of this season.


Dorothy Vaughan hits NHPR!

Saving Portsmouth writer/director Kent Stephens and I were guests of Virginia Prescott on today’s “Word of Mouth” on NHPR. Scroll down to hear the segment here.

Tickets for all remaining performances are sold out!  But stay tuned, we may bring it back in a few months…!


SAVING PORTSMOUTH had a great opening weekend!

Our first weekend of SAVING PORTSMOUTH: The Preservation Crusades of Miss Dorothy Vaughan was extremely well attended and received! Here’s a link to a feature about the show. . . and here’s the candid photo I had no idea they were using for it, which they snapped during rehearsal:











And here is another production photo:


SAVING PORTSMOUTH opens tomorrow!

Here’s Dorothy (Leslie Pasternack), Jeremy Waldron (Christopher Savage) and Jim Smith (James Sears) planning the “colonial village” that would become Strawbery Banke Museum. Get your tix at strawberybanke,org: only six performances beginning tomorrow night!


A NUMBER ruled the WEST stage!

SB1-2Kudos and deepest thanks to Robert Macadaeg and Eliot Johnston for their masterful performances in my production of Caryl Churchill’s A Number.  Kate Quisumbing was my Stage Manager extraordinaire, Meghann Beauchamp designed impeccable lights and sound and Michele Macadaeg gave invaluable help with costumes.  We had great houses that surpassed my expectations for such a peculiar, offbeat little show.  And we were extremely well reviewed!  This was a deeply satisfying directing experience for me and I’m sad to let these characters go.  Best wishes to all, and I hope to work together soon.  Next up for me: “Saving Portsmouth: The Preservation Crusades of Miss Dorothy Vaughan”!


shows, shows, shows!


I’m having a great time directing Robert Macadaeg and Eliot Johnston in Caryl Churchill’s A Number, a tight little thriller about cloning with gorgeous, spare language and unforgettable characters. It’s part of ACT ONE’s Beyond Festival.

These guys are fabulous actors and each is a joy to work with in his own way.  Eliot seems pure sweetness, with an amazing emotional transparency to his characterizations, but his hidden superpower is his spot-on Hannibal Lecter impression.  Robert is usually smooth, sarcastic and intellectual, and then he slips into character and hands you his heart.  Both are smart and bold with the choices they are making on stage.  I’m excited to open next Friday, October 3rd so audiences can finally meet these guys (Eliot plays three people, so there’s a whole little family for you to enjoy).  Visit ACT ONE’s website for information and tickets for A Number.

Then, in late October I start rehearsing “Saving Portsmouth: The Crusades of Miss Dorothy Vaughan” with Kent Stephens’ STAGE FORCE for Strawbery Banke.  I play the title character, who was an eccentric local force who lived to be 99 years old.  Yep, I aint the young romantic lead this time around: DorothyVaughan

I will play Dorothy from her young adulthood through her “hag” period (to cite Kent’s script), but somehow I don’t think it’ll come across as glamorous at any stage!  This show starts November 7th, I’ll let you know how it’s going when we get closer. . .

Happy autumn to all!